"Sõbrad kogunevad siin ..."

Ühendus “DALIA” ühendab haigusega lastega peresid - fenüülketonuuria, hooldajaid ja hooldajaid ning teisi hea tahte esindajaid (sponsoreid), kes toetavad või viivad läbi ühingu põhikirjas sätestatud tegevusi.



The association “DALIA” under the Medical Genetics Centre unites families which have children with Felling's disease, trustees, guardians and other kind people (sponsors) supporting or executing activities established by the association rules.  

 Ill people face the shortage of biocatalysts needed for protein cleavage and their organism starts to accumulate toxins, which gradually poison the body, retard natural development of a child, provides other consequences. Lithuanian medical officers have started to cure the disease from 1980. Still, people who have born hitherto are fated – part of them live in nursing homes; some are disabled, handicapped (disabled) or even totally asocial. They become a part of the world of handicapped persons...  

 Genetics describe the disease as the rare dysbolism, which anticipates observing a strict diet (excluding all food with proteins) and health status monitoring, just in this case heavy consequences can be prevented both in childhood and adulthood. High regimen influences the way of live of such families and children, their acclimatization beyond the family, their routine, skills, education, employment, communication, self-expression, wavelengthmanship and mobility.   

 Proposed name for the Felling's disease association which have been established in 1995 was “Dalia”. The name survived, since the figurative meaning of the “Dalia” is destiny. Due to the alteration of legal acts and regulations regulating the communities activities which has been made in March 2006 the community was named as Association “Dalia” under the Medical Genetics Centre. Since we are patients of the above medical establishment. 

One of the main purposes of the Association is to gather (unite for the common purpose) Lithuanian families raising children and adults with Felling's disease, activity sponsors and other kind people, in order to help others to raise and educate children minimizing social isolation of young people caused by their oneness (they can not eat ordinary food, excluding some fruits and vegetables (still in limited quantities)), encourage and dare association members to accustom to the society and environment and to live under the precise diet (diet includes foods for special medical purposes), help our patients and their families to fulfill their needs, improve their quality of life. Other purposes and directions of activities of the Association are foreseen by the Association Rules. Still, they can be named as activity plans, since the real life has much more different colours: bright and dark...

During the 24 years of activity the Association has proved its power through the unanimity. In case of problems related to the supply of medicaments, foods for special medical purposes and other issues we had been knocking the doors of Seimas health committee, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and other State institutions, applying to the mass media, complaining to the International European Association performing the same activity as we do, on behalf of the Association. 

We are joyful about successful and precise results of the activity. Since the year 2005 the Association has done a great work caring about its members’ needs, education, information, recreation and celebrations with the help of sponsors.  

The Association is aspired to encourage communication of families, children and young people, sharing the difficult experience in raising such children and their life; we are planning to organize educational means, common recreation (due to the strict diet it is complicated for families to organize recreation), transfer information about innovations and problems. Consequently, we are kindly asking to propose the best ways for our Association activity. We dare to assume that co-operation will enhance our possibility to change the destiny... We kindly ask medical advisers, dietarians, psychologists and other kind people to communicate with us thought the Web-Site. We are waiting for proposals, advices, consultations etc. 

The Association is financed by sponsor funds.  The head of the Association and remain personnel organizing the Associations activity work for free. We will be grateful to all people who can render financial support.

The association “DALIA” under the Medical Genetics Centre.

Vytenio Street 29-5, LT03207 Vilnius,

Registered in the Register of Legal Entities,

Code  191797795;


Account No LT03 7300 0100 8403 5467,

AB “Swedbank”